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“A great benefit of this tour was to help me see things I would otherwise have missed … like turning around to admire the back of the side panels of the Rubens paintings. I would have just walked on -- as most people do, I noticed!” —R.G., Belgium

Towers & Transept Gable
Our Lady Cathedral
Antwerp, Belgium

Descent From the Cross
P.P.Rubens (detail)
Our Lady Cathedral


19th C Last Judgment
West Portal
Our Lady Cathedral


14th C Marble Madonna
Our Lady Cathedral
Antwerp, Belgium

Our Lady Cathedral in Antwerp

This beautiful late Gothic cathedral is a glorious repository of six centuries of Flemish artistic development. 

Under construction for more than 200 years, Antwerp’s Our Lady Cathedral endured a catastrophic fire, the Calvinist iconoclasm of 1566, and subsequent gutting by French revolutionaries in the 1790s.  In the 20th century it faced neglect and wartime bombings. 

But entering Antwerp's restored Cathedral today will take your breath away! 

With Jane as your guide, your experience of this remarkable church and its extraordinary art collection -- in the context of the city’s long and tumultuous history -- will provide you with a deep and lasting appreciation of the essence of the place.

  • Four works by Peter Paul Rubens; others by Francken, Van Veen, De Vos & Murillo;
  • Wall painting, a carved stone altarpiece, and a marble Madonna of the 14th C;
  • Stained glass windows dating from as early as 1503;
  • A trove of exceptional 17th century sculpture and oak furnishings; and
  • 19thC neo-Gothic artistry.

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Customize Your Tour Your visit inside the cathedral can be tailored to your degree of interest and available time by simply skipping specified tracks.

  • Pre-Visit Context Guide: “A Slice of History” ... 20 minutes
  • On-Site Guide, Exterior  ... 10 minutes
  • On-Site Guide, Interior: Customize your tour … 90 to 120 minutes

Audio Guide to Our Lady Cathedral in Antwerp
and its Remarkable Art Treasures

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Antwerp … An Undiscovered Gem:
Antwerp is one of those "undiscovered gems" that are hidden throughout Europe. While it's no longer "the Metropolis" of Northern Europe that it once was, it has a major port, a notable diamond industry, and is increasingly important as a design center.  Steeped in history, it's a great place to walk and explore (sturdy shoes are a must on old cobbled streets), exceptional museums abound, and the food is fabulous ...  not to mention the Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate!
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