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Revive your spirit in the quiet cloister of San Marco, then join me to experience Fra Angelico’s artistic genius and pious humility.

The Annunciation , detail
by Fra Angelico
San Marco, Florence

The Crucifixion, detail
by Fra Angelico
San Marco, Florence

View of San Marco

Fra Angelico at San Marco in Florence ...

The magnificent frescoes in chapels and town halls across Italy are among the greatest achievements of Renaissance art.  Commissioned by either private patrons or by the Church, the great artists of the day produced images of matchless beauty. The work of Fra Angelico at the Dominican convent of San Marco in Florence is a brilliant reflection  of the remarkable artistry of the time

Now visitors can tour this lovely cloistered convent guided by the scholarship of a renowned art historian!

The Jane’s Smart Art audio guide to San Marco is an adaptation of a now out-of-print book written by William Hood, the renowned Fra Angelico scholar. One in the series The Great Fresco Cycles of the Renaissance, Professor Hood’s book treated the Fra Angelico frescoes of San Marco in the context of their religious, artistic, and historical significance.   

The Jane’s Smart Art Guide™  to the Fra Angelico frescoes at San Marco tells of the central role that the artist-friar’s work played in the daily lives of his fellow Observant Dominicans.  Between 1440 to 1452 Fra Angelico and his faithful assistants graced the walls of the convent with more than 50 elegant frescoes that still today, well more than 500 years later, convey the profound piety and humility that characterized members of the Observant Dominican order.

With Jane guiding you through this quiet, cloistered setting -- appreciating it step-by-step in the framework of its history – you will come away with a deep and lasting appreciation of the essence of this remarkable place. .

  • Understand the influence of Observant Dominican principles on the choice of subject matter and the placement of the images;
  • Hear how the images conveyed the ancient ideas and traditions of the Dominican order and the meaning of life at San Marco;
  • Learn about the architecture of the convent, the life of Fra Angelico, and the political climate of the day; and
  • Appreciate Fra Angelico's piety and technical virtuosity as you listen to the commentary on each fresco.
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Customize The Tour. Your tour can be tailored to your degree of interest and available time -- without loss of continuity -- by simply skipping specified tracks -- to shorten the tour by more than a quarter of an hour.

  • Pre-visit Context Guide "Slice of History" ... 45 Minutes
  • On-site Guide to Cloister and Dormitory .... 75-90 Minutes

Fra Angelico at San Marco
Product Details

Audio Guide to San Marco in Florence
and its Remarkable Fresco Cycle

Downloadable for MP3 / iPod
Price: $8.95

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