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"I really liked the way the art and the history were brought together in a seamless combination. Engrossing. At the end, I wanted more!
      --M.W., USA

Bernini's Baldacchino under Michelageloís Dome, St. Peterís Basilica
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What is Smart Art?

Don't just visit a place... experience it!

Janeís Smart Art Guidesô delve deep into the essence of a single place, so you can experience the vitality of a site in the context of the history that shaped it Ö the art, politics, culture and religion that have intertwined over centuries to create it's special character.

In creating these audio guides, we've drawn upon research in many fields, to craft a discerning, multi-dimensional integrated view of the great art sites of Europe.  The result is a stimulating, informative tour that is rich in insight and delivered with good humor and compellling energy.

  • Itís an Audio Guide: Engages your inquisitive mind Ö through your ears Ö so your eyes are free to see! 

  • Itís Site-Specific: Considers a lot about a single place Ö instead of a little about a lot of places.

  • Itís "Edu-tainment": Stimulating, informative, and compellingly delivered Ö with good humor and energy. 

  • Itís Intellectually-Satisfying: If youíre curious about things, and you like to know what youíre looking at, Smart Art is for you!

  • Itís Unique: Jane's combination of talents, experience and perception are unique to her. Thereís nothing else like it!

  • Itís Guaranteed: Try one! If you donít enjoy your private tour with one of Janeís Smart Art Guidesô, just ask for your money back.

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