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"A very good narrator with a passion for the material.... sounds as if you are being personally guided around. I was very impressed with it..."
-- M.M.  USA

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Jane's Smart Art Guides™ :
Sta Maria Del Popolo

By Nicholas Wiedenhoeft
Rating: Excellent!

Jane's Smart Art Guides are conspicuous in their attention to quality in material, recording, and voice. … Jane McIntosh has a beautiful voice. It is a true marvel to feel her presence with and enjoyment of what she is describing. She has a supple, easy quality to her speech, aided by superb pronunciation of place namand regional vernacular that not only enhances the pleasure of listening to her Smart Art Guides, but it empowers the material … with an authority that renders the listener more readily sensible of the information … . Believe me when I say that the quality of a reader’s voice can make all the difference between zoning out and missing important information and staying tuned in to the directed discussion. … Read More … 

Jane's Smart Art Guides™

By James Martin
Europe for Visitors 

“History, intrique, passion and science all comes together in art. You don't need The Da Vinci Code to tell you that. Jane's Smart Art Audio Guides put all the backgound on the art in some of Europe's most touted sacred spaces at your fingertips. Use the CD or mp3 versions of the guide to give you background information before you go, then let Jane take you on a tour while you're there--an onsite tour that can be tailored to your pace and interests." … Read More … 

Jane's Smart Art Guides™ really are

By Félix Alfonso Peña
Travel editor  (Sunday, May 14, 2006) 

“Knowledge in depth and in-hand - that's a nice thing to have when stepping into a microcosm that encompasses centuries of art and history within its stone walls.  And such is what Jane's Smart Art Guides provide the traveler: audio guides to some of the most renowned European art sites, illuminating not just the art on the wall, but the artistic, historical, political, cultural and religious milieu in which it is set. …  Read More … 

Jane's Smart Art Guide to Santa Maria Del Popolo Brings Rome's Past to Life!

By Roy Barnes  (April 2006)

“For those who want a comprehensive audio history of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome, Jane's Smart Art Guides: Sta. Maria del Popolo (Santa is abbreviated "Sta." in the title) is a product well worth the twenty dollar investment. Santa Maria del Popolo is one of Rome's more fascinating churches, and one of Jane's Smart Art Guides' recent titles. Santa Maria del Popolo of Rome, according to the timeline included with the audio set, has its origins all the way back to 1099.  … Read More … 


Jane McIntosh Is Jane's Smart Art Guides™

by Tango Diva (March, 2006)

 Jane’s love of art and travel goes back to childhood. Raised in South America and Europe, she was exposed at an early age to diverse cultural and artistic traditions. Decades later, she still has a bright visual memory of her first visit to an art museum at age 7 …Read More

Interview with Jane McIntosh
of Jane's Smart Art Guides

 (March, 2006)   “ The following is an interview with Jane McIntosh, who is the narrator of a new series of audio guides focusing on the artistic and architectural treasures found throughout Europe. Her first work titled, ST. PETER'S BASILICA: Audio Guide to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and its Remarkable Art Treasures,  has already won The 2005 Communicator Award of Excellence. …Read More

Traveler Shares Her Insights on Famous Sites

By Jeremy Gulish (August 13, 2005)

  “Jane McIntosh follows the words of Romantic poet and consummate traveler Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:  ‘The traveler sees in Rome only what he takes to Rome.’ What McIntosh wants those travelers to take with them is … Read More …


Kudos for our Sta. Maria del Popolo guide!


Recognition for
Jane’s Smart Art Guide to St. Peter’s Basilica

Press Releases

Sta. Maria del Popolo Wins
2006 Best Book Award

Jane’s Smart Art Guide to Sta. Maria del Popolo in Rome just received the Best Books 2006 WInner Award in the Audiobook: Travel Guides category. This church is an extraordinary – often overlooked – art site. Hidden behind its unassuming façade is a trove of celebrated art treasures, unique architectural features and layers of history.   …  Read More … 

Audio rights agreement
between George Braziller, Inc.,
and Context Audio Guides, LLC

July, 2006

Context Audio Guides, LLC, producer of the Jane’s Smart Art Guides™, audio guides to the “remarkable art sites of Europe”, (www.JanesSmartArt.com) has acquired exclusive audio rights to titles in the George Braziller, Inc. series, The Great Fresco Cycles of the Renaissance (www.georgebraziller.com) .   …  Read More … 

New Audio Art Guides Series Introduced 

March 28, 2006

Put away your guide book if you really want to know what you’re looking at. Forget about straining to understand or wishing for a better, more interesting tour guide. Guidebooks and tour guides have gone audio!   Just check the batteries, grab your earphones and strap on your portable audio player.  Use your ears ... and leave your eyes free to see.   …  Read More … 

Articles for Reprint

“Themed gifting” can spark gift-buying creativity

Art-Themed Holiday Gifts for Everyone

With just 7 weeks left ‘til Christmas, anyone intent on getting holiday shopping done early had better get started!

With “art-for-everyone” as the illustrating theme, this free-to-use article explains how to profile each person on your list, providing “Giftee Profile” examples and corresponding gift suggestions, all purchased on-line or by telephon  …  Read More … 

Antwerp: A Gem of a City

 …  Read More … 

How to "Do" Rome, Without Rome "Doing You In"  

June 16, 2006

Reservations for European vacations are up by as much as 20% over last year. And, according to a recent survey of Carlson Wagonlit Travel agents, Rome will rank as the No. 1 European destination for Americans in 2006. ... To help make your stay in Rome (or any big city) a thoroughly positive experience, Jane McIntosh, frequent traveler, professional tour guide, and creator of Jane’s Smart Art Guides™ (www.janessmartart.com), offers these tips   …  Read More … 


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